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Night Out With The Locos

Saturday - June 4, 2022 7:30 PM   Tickets: $20 All proceeds directly support EPHM's mission to combat prejudice and intolerance through education, community outreach and cultural activities   Ticket holders are invited to a pre-game celebration at EPHM (715 N. Oregon) and exclusive first-look at EPHM's Special Exhibit: All People Have Voice   To purchase tickets: 915-351-0048 /  ....Read More

Book Zone Event with Mel Laytner

Join EPHM and Congregation B'nai Zion for a discussion with author Mel Laytner about his newly released book:

What They Didn't Burn:

Uncovering My Father's Holocaust Secrets

  Thursday - May 12, 2022 6:00 PM   El Paso Holocaust Museum 715 N. Oregon  

Growing up, author Mel Laytner saw his father as a quintessential Type B: passive and conventional. As he uncovered documents the Nazis didn’t burn, however, another man emerged—a black market ringleader and wily camp survivor who made his own luck. The tattered papers also shed light on painful secrets his father took to his grave. What They Didn’t Burn is a heartwarming, inspiring story of resilience and redemption. A story of how desperate survivors turned hopeful refugees rebuilt their shattered lives in America, all the while struggling with the lingering trauma that has impacted their children to this day.

  About the Author: Mel Laytner was a reporter and editor of hard news for nearly twenty years, much of it as a foreign correspondent covering the Middle East for NBC News and United Press International. After eight years overseas, the prestigious Knight-Bagehot program awarded Mel a fellowship in Business and Economic Journalism, which included a year’s residency at Columbia’s Graduate School of Business. Mel received his BA from the City College of New York and holds master’s degrees from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, and from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs.   RSVP: 915-351-0048      ....Read More